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Viewfinder: Josh Dobbs

Jan 09, 2012 10:02AM ● Published by Ryan Frisch

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Image titleBy: Josh Dobbs

Josh Dobbs is a self taught photographer from the Waupun area. He spent the first 28 years of his life involved in the arts. Keeping himself busy with painting, sculpting or drawing comic strips he always had his hands in something artistic. It was in 2006, after buying a digital camera for his wife, that he was driven to learn more about the art of photography. Combining a childhood love for nature and a passion for art, photography is a perfect fit for Josh.

As editor of the newsletter for the “Lightcatchers Photography Club”, Josh has written several articles about photography and his experiences in the field. He also enjoys teaching others the techniques he uses to capture great photographs. In 2011 some of Josh’s work was selected for publication in a book called “ Capture Wisconsin” published by Wisconsin Trails. 

Marsh Puddles

Marsh Puddles

At the north end of the Horicon Marsh, across from the Marsh Haven Nature Center, is an auto tour where you can drive on a quiet road and view abundant wildlife and some gorgeous scenery. It tends to be a “go to” spot for photographers, which is why I find myself there very often. This photo was taken just off that road during a colorful sunset. 

Pink Rock

Marsh Puddles

Every photographer can agree that sometimes we get tunnel vision. Looking through that little viewfinder makes you unaware of your surroundings. I was actually shooting some wildlife in the opposite direction when I thought I should maybe turn around and see what the sky looked like over the Horicon Marsh. As soon as I turned around I was taken back by this incredible explosion of color. I only got a few shots of this sunset before it faded, luckily this was one of them. 

Awaiting Stars

Awaiting Stars

I was late grabbing my camera one night, as the light was fading fast. I quickly went down to one of my favorite places to view Beaver Dam Lake and set up my camera and tripod. While I scrambled to find a nice composition the sun had faded and I was left with an amazing color show. It looked as if I was just waiting for the stars to come out. 

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