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In This Issue: January/February 2012

Jan 09, 2012 12:27PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

From The Editor: Erik Dittmann

Welcome to our very first edition of – LocaLeben!

LocaLeben is about life – Local Life…

We embrace local – the advancement and enjoyment of community.

Our purpose is to share the achievements and splendor of the neighborhood – the local economy – recognizing the importance of doing business with our neighbors and supporting the delicate interdependence of it all. 

We value community and work to encourage a prosperous and sustainable LocaLeben.

Within the pages of LocaLeben you will find content reminiscent of a quieter time. Arts – History – Legends & Lore – and a few opinions.

As we began this project, many people came to help.  They are passionate folks willing to share their time and stories. Doing good things that benefit all of us - inspirational stories that warrant recognition. You will know many of them and see them around town. Please thank them for sharing.

By starting at the beginning of our history, we immediately realize the past is key to our today and the strength of our community.  As my mom always reminds me “everything happens for a reason” and our hometown and this little magazine are no exception.  Understanding our place, we see the need to embrace, celebrate and nurture our environment – our hometown.

Our advertisers support the magazine. The businesses you see in LocaLeben took a chance on us. They bought an ad without ever seeing an actual issue – they are our angel investors. Please thank them by supporting their local businesses. 

Content Submission

This is not our magazine. It is your magazine. We are merely the facilitators.

Let me explain – our model is different than others. We don’t have staff writers who try to interpret your story. We believe the best person to tell your story is you. It is the best way to know your story is told right. Don’t worry – we will help – you are among friends.

We invite you to share your stories in LocaLeben. They bring meaning to our lives together.  Help us restore our town back to the vibrant community it longs to be. Give me a call at (920) 306-1189 or send me an email at  

In This Issue:

Image title

Thumb_jerry_20photo_20_20006 Feature Artist: Jerry Baskfield
Love > Gravity. The thrill of a first kiss and the main who captures it with poetry and paint. Read more


Thumb_logging_20_20065 Feature: Our Hometown
There is a great deal of history in our village by the lake - but you have to start at the beginning. Read more


Thumb_sr_20center_202rev The Woodshop
The story behind the proposed community center. How a simple request for more space sparked a grand new idea. Read more


Thumb_band_20photo Interview: The Lucas Cates Band
An original acoustic rock group with Beaver Dam connections. A unique conversation between musicians. No glitz - no lights. Read more


Thumb_huck_billyjean2_20_20063 Canine Citizens: Therapy Dog and R.E.A.D. Programs
A different way of giving back - in a way you never thought you could. Read more


Beaver Dam Campus Life

A New Kind of Ministry For A New Kind of Youth Read more    

Thumb_awaiting_20the_20stars2-joshdobbs Viewfinder: Josh Dobbs
A look through Josh Dobb's viewfinder and thoughts behind each photograph Read more


Thumb_fountain Legend & Lore: John and Helen Keil
Stories Told and Untold: December 2011 visiting with John and Helen Keil Read more



Thumb_dave_20_20050 This & That: Norris
Small insights on thoughts that life sends our way. Read more



Thumb_100_6264 The Wandering Man
Musings and Meanderings Read more



Thumb_chief_20_20056 Two In - Two Out: Personal Sacrifices of Firefighters
A family perspective from Beaver Dam's Fire Chief Alan Mannel. Read more


Thumb_welcome_20_20068 Parting Thoughts: January / February 2012
Bringing attention to things important to each of us, before they are lost. Read more



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