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In This Issue: July / August 2012

Jul 09, 2012 03:27PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

From The Editor

Beaver Dam is an unbelievably fortunate city.  As citizens of this town, we have access to a variety of outstanding programs and activities offered by both public and private organizations.  The passion that is alive in Beaver Dam is truly encouraging to me as someone who is building a business and life in this community.  Since I began working on LocaLeben, I have had the pleasure to learn about several diverse projects in and around Beaver Dam.  While all of them are very different - they all have a common goal.  It is the same goal that you, as a member of the community, have in your contribution through your work, service and play.  It is the constant desire to improve our experience with each other as a community.  All of what we do contributes to the betterment of our city - especially the little things we do everyday - supporting our local organizations’ events, attending our little brother’s little league games or performances, or simply starting downtown on your shopping trips makes a huge impact.  They are the foundation of our great city.  It is what allows all of us to pursue our passions, dreams and latent ideas we have had for years.  With the support of a great community like this, ideas that take us to the next level can be realized.  I know this because this little magazine is a great example.  

I am fortunate to have met many people who have wanted to participate in LocaLeben.  Their time and talents are invaluable.  Each day I am impressed by what they do to help their business or organization succeed.  Even more impressive is how much they work to see others succeed - a true community. They understand that when the community benefits, each contributing member does as well. 

There are so many people, organizations and businesses that are working to create a better place for us to live.  Seek them out - learn about them and see how you can help.  You may be surprised by how your talents will make a difference.

In This Issue

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Digital Edition: July/August 2012

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