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Parting Thoughts: September/October 2012

Sep 10, 2012 03:51PM ● Published by Emma Dittmann

By: Jim Dittmann

Well here we are:  Parting thoughts Volume 1 Issue 5

I was cutting the grass yesterday – it always gives me a little time to reflect and talk to myself – not out loud of course, but I suppose I could with the noise of the machine and earplugs in – maybe I’ll give it a try.  Uncle Harold (Pinney) comes to mind – he asks, “Do you know how to say cut the grass in French?” No unc, I don’t know - how’s it go?  “Mow zee lawn,” he laughs…

My dad died in January of 2008 – beginning of the last national election cycle.  Dad followed politics pretty closely.  He hated politicians and summarized their activities with a reoccurring pounding of his fist and the words – “Greed! Greed!”  If he had lived further into 2008 – I think it would have killed him.  Dad was born in 1928 - he grew up during the depression – called them the “Oatmeal Days” – warned of how the Greed was going to recreate the calamity – he saw it all coming...

Perhaps a bit of Dad has rubbed off – I fear some for our common interests.  The term Commonwealth comes to mind – a proud concept defined as the general good or community.  Seems to me the greed that Dad spoke of does threaten much of what we hold dear.  I think I’m beginning to understand what he was talking about.  We need to be careful - appreciate where we’ve come – recognize that giving back for the general good is right - while we still have time.

As Grandma Sophie would say – “So soon we get old but so late we get smart”….

Remember last month’s issue of the Viewfinder?  I made a terrible mistake - the proud owner of the ‘67 Chevy II is JEFF Abel – not Joe.  No amount of spellchecking or proofreading by others could ever catch that – I simply wrote Joe and never looked back – until I saw the look on his face!  Jeff - I apologize!

Every time we see each other now, It’s - Hi Joe! – Jeff’s a good sport…

September may mark the end of summer but it is still my favorite month:

I was born in September - married – and our firstborn son arrived in September.

I met my best friend Mark in September – it was the first day of the 6th Grade, 1965.  We’d buy freeze pops from Bremsers, 5 for a quarter - read comic books – experienced “brain freeze” for the first time.  Stingray bicycles were the wheels of choice – they allowed us to terrorize neighborhoods as the “Scarface Gang.”  We could visit all parts of the city - travel a great distance to the best apple tree in the world.  We’d steal the sweetest green apples from Grandpa Braunschweig’s tree – he came to expect us on a warm September evening…

Mark has also gotten me in more trouble than anyone else on the planet – he brought the firecrackers to our 15-year high school class reunion – “psst - let’s toss these onto the dance floor” – guess who got caught?

"Happily we bask in this warm September sun, which illuminates all creatures..."
-  Henry David Thoreau 

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