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In This Issue: November / December 2012

Nov 12, 2012 12:05PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

From The Editor

A short year ago, we began work on the first edition of LocaLeben.  How we got here has been one serendipitous event after another.  Rewind a few months to May of 2011.  I was graduating college and deciding which job offer I would take.  I was coping with the idea that I would be starting somewhere new.  Deep down I knew that it was not what I was supposed to be doing.   If you had asked me during my sophomore year what I was doing after graduation, I would have told you “moving back home to start my own business.”  Over the next couple of years, a series of events diminished my confidence.  I was unsure of how that was going to happen, and I could not help but wonder how I had let that desire fade.  What was it that made me simply forget about what I was so passionate about?  Was it the security of the job?  Or was it the comfort of not having to face the disappointment of not achieving my goal?  Long story short – In my self-reflection I discovered that my reason for wanting to come back to Beaver Dam was not about owning my own business.  It was about giving back to the community that had shaped who I am. Serendipitously a way to achieve that was right there all the time:  LocaLeben. 

LocaLeben is the product of my father’s imagination.  It was something we talked about passionately at the dinner table.  Working on this as a family was the perfect way to fulfill both his dream and mine.  Not to mention the joy of having everyone including family, friends, and people we have met along the way that have helped make LocaLeben a success.

Most recently, Gwen Hansen graciously gave us a copy of the 1941 Beaver Dam Centennial book. It is a wealth of information and a great resource as we continue to reconnect with our Beaver Dam history.  Gwen also shared several photographs and story ideas for future issues.  I cannot thank her enough.  You will also notice that the font in this issue is slightly larger.  We did this on the request of our readers – special thanks to Sue Link and Jan Sutter for their help in making the adjustment.  We thrive on the feedback and contributions from our readers.  Please keep it coming.

In This Issue

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Thumb_spring_20__20maplejd Feature: A Beaver Dam Sleigh Ride
Reflect on how BD residents during Victorian times celebrated the holidays. 

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Thumb_final_20lamb_20with_20border_20croppedjd Feature Artist: Michael Belongie
It is impossible to capture his wisdom, encouragement, power, and perceptions imparted all at once. Read more


Thumb_orchestra_20first_20violin B.D.A.O
We have been fortunate to enjoy the music of the Beaver Dam Area Orchestra led by Rich Zeman since 1991. Read more


Thumb_paveclassroomjd P.A.V.E
Due to confidentiality, you will not often hear a story of someone who utilized PAVE's services. Read more


Community: Church Health Services

As Church Health Services approaches their 20th anniversary, we recognize their dedication to healthcare. Read more 

Thumb_old_20world_20wi Legend & Lore: Marcia Haase
As a child, the only thing Marcia Haase really, really wanted was a horse. Read more



Thumb_16an_202010_20ice_20on_20treesjdw Viewfinder: Tom Helfert
Lifelong BD citizen Tom Helfert strives to bring a "Wow" through his lens. Read more


This & That: One small step...from a small town

On a hazy warm summer evening in July 1969, I watch a grainy black and white picture on the large Motorola console television set placed in its proper majestic spot in our living room.

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Thumb_good_20guys The Wandering Man: Values, For What It's Worth
Musings and Meanderings in the everyday life. "Values" Read more



Thumb_chuck_20o_20_20298 A Tour of Downtown
From St. Pete's to Home - Christmastime in the '40s in Beaver Dam. Read more


Parting Thoughts: November/December 2012

Bringing attention to things important to us, before they are lost. Read more 

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