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In This Issue: May/June 2013

May 13, 2013 03:45PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

From The Editor: Erik Dittmann

Spring has finally arrived!  This is a great time of year when kids are anxious to be done with school and start their summer.  The weather changes, the lake opens up and suddenly Beaver Dam is an entirely different city.  This particular summer is quite exciting for me - it will be the first one I spend in the city of Beaver Dam.  I grew up just outside of town “in the country,” but this year I will be a city boy.  My fiancée and I just bought a house in town and are excited to start our life together in Beaver Dam - on the same day we got engaged.  Pretty momentous day!  This summer brings more excitement for the Dittmann family - the gang’s all here.  Joining LocaLeben is my sister Emma.  She graduated - Summa Cum Laude might I add.  One step above me - I always joke that she is just like me, just smarter and better looking.  We are excited what she will bring to LocaLeben.  It is a pretty remarkable thing to be able to build something with your family.

From Emma:  I did it - I graduated college with a Business Administration Degree from Winona State University.  Going to school in Minnesota was interesting. “Where are you from?”  A cheerful “Beaver Dam, Wisconsin” was always my reply, waiting to see if a spark of awareness to its location followed.  Instead “Where?” was the standard response.  I had a few professors whose replies were a little more memorable asking if we had beavers that built the dams for us - but the best was my Taxation professor this last semester.  I state the normal introduction day information of name, major and where you’re from.  I finish saying “Beaver Dam, Wisconsin” and the professor says, “No you’re not” in a tone like I’m joking!  Yes we are unique, our town is a good conversation starter and this is a good thing!  No matter where I end up, I’ll always be from Beaver Dam.  After college my dream was the big city of Chicago working at a five star hotel.  I’ve always had the entrepreneurial mindset, plans of a hotel, art gallery, and health and wellness center were directions I wanted to pursue and make happen.  Those are still part of the plan with a few added now along the way.  “Looks like I’m moving back to Beaver Dam…” I thought to myself as these past years unveiled themselves.  I discovered all the plans I wanted to accomplish could still be done with the added bonus of benefiting the community that raised me.  I wanted to be apart in what I knew would be great!  Yes indeed, it is a pretty remarkable thing.

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