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In This Issue: July/August 2013

Jul 15, 2013 11:00AM ● Published by Brian O

From The Editor

We are living among history every day.  We all know it - but when we take the time to really dig deep, we create a far greater appreciation for what has happened in the short history of our country.  The community of Beaver Dam itself is only 172 years old from when it was first settled.  In a time where we have all the information in the world at our fingertips, we seem to know less and less about our community, our neighbors and our family history.

Taking the time to recognize and dig deep into what has happened in our community can open a whole new appreciation for where we live, work and play. It also allows us to understand how important everyone is in making a community great.  The people who built this community over the last 172 years are no more significant or special than any of us.    

I know - this all sounds like a nice perfect way of looking at things, but haven't you always wanted to have the ability to see the present in that way?  History provides us with that ability, and more importantly, we are the history.  

My own adventure of just how inspiring it can be began this spring when my fiancé and I bought our house in town, moved in and started renovating.  We were excited at the possibility of finding some history when we tore out walls, already knowing the house was around 130 years old.  After a month and a half and almost every wall gone, we had found nothing.  A little deflated, we continued our renovation project getting to the last bit of plaster that was to be removed by the stairs.  At last we found a carving on a beam that read May 21st 1864.  Our motivation skyrocketed.  Karyssa spent hours in the library learning as much about our home and street as she could.  

Here are some of the highlights:  German immigrant Henry Jansen and Prussian immigrant Agnes Wolf married in 1870 in Milwaukee County.  Sometime between 1877 and 1890 they moved with their four children to what was then 109 Haskell Street.  This is where Henry ran a boat livery, which his youngest son Thomas (Damian) would one day own along with Alvin Guenther as the Jansen & Guenther Boat Line.   Henry owned the home until his death in 1917 and Thomas continued to live at 209 until his death in 1932.  After Thomas’s death, his daughter Eleanor and her husband Andrew Glassman took ownership until sometime before 1943. 

I encourage our readers to learn about your home, your community and the people who lived there.  Knowing who lived in our homes before us creates a sense of belonging and pride, which is the most important part of community.    

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