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This & That: "I Shall Return..." - General Douglas McArthur

Sep 12, 2013 09:39PM ● Published by Emma Dittmann

Dave Bowman

By: Dave Bowman

There is nothing more inspiring or enthralling in our American psyche than “The Comeback.”  How many times have we rooted for the down and out, the underdog, the team that has to climb insurmountable odds to at least have a chance to win, or just that small part of our lives that left and makes a return, sometimes wanted, and in some cases, sometimes leaves us wondering “Why?!?!?!”

We have seen many exciting and thrilling examples of the perseverance of the American spirit.  After Richard Nixon lost the 1962 California gubernatorial race, he famously told the press, “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore!”  He came back in 1968, and we all remember how well that turned out for him.  Bill Clinton finished strong in the New Hampshire primary of the 1992 presidential race, and he was then known forevermore as “The Comeback Kid.”  And who cannot be inspired by the 1987 AFC Championship football game where John Elway took the Denver Broncos on a 98 yard scoring drive against the Cleveland Browns in the closing minutes to tie the game, which the Broncos went on to win, referred to now as “The Drive.”

Many things do return to us – boomerangs, college kids, hairstyles, the size of a necktie, fads, foods and that small bit of salsa that you swore “Just a little bit won’t hurt!”   Recently “Hostess” announced they were going out of business and, gasp, would no longer be making “The Twinkie.”  Stop the presses!  Katy bar the door!  This country has taken a lot, but not that!!!  Well, rest assured, cooler heads have prevailed, and the Twinkie will be making a comeback, with a shelf life increased from 26 to 45 days, albeit in a smaller size.

Here then are, The Top Ten Things That Are Ripe, Ready and CLAMORING For A Comeback:  #10-Dickies (gotta love the faux turtleneck!); 9-Pet rocks (cute, cuddly, instantly house broken); 8-Leisure suits (powder blue, lime green, mauve, collect ‘em all!); 7-Big screen 3D IMAX remake of the classic Saturday morning television show “H.R. Pufnstuf” (imagine what Tim Burton and Johnny Depp could do with this one!); 6-Snappy and zippy sitcom catch phrases from precocious child actors (“What are you     talkin’ about Willis?!”); 5-Big “Farrah Fawcett hair” (with accompanying hair spray to maintain its integrity); 4-Mood rings – the “expensive” kind that adjust in the back; 3-“Dobie Gillis” beatnik and bongo poetry reading sessions; 2-A “talking” teddy bear with cutting edge audio cassette technology (as if Teddy Ruxpin wasn’t creepy enough!); and #1-Music videos to be ACTUALLY  PLAYED on television music channels

And with that, in the infamous words of “The Terminator” – “I’ll be back.”

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