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Stump the Beaver: September/October 2013

Sep 12, 2013 10:05PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

From the Beaver Archives:  Darth Beaver

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Loxi from Harlem, Montana, asks:  Do Beaver Dam Peppers grow on beaver dams?

Answer:  No, those peppers are named after the magical City of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, not because of what they grow on.  Legend has it that Mr. Joe Hussli brought the pepper seeds to Beaver Dam sometime in the early 1900s.  Reports vary regarding the actual year the seeds arrived in Beaver Dam.  Some sources indicate 1912, some indicate 1913, and some indicate 1929.  This works out nicely, since it gives us three opportunities for the Beaver Dam Pepper Centennial Celebration. 


Loxi asks another question:  Hey, the Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration sounds like fun; when does that happen?

Answer:  The next Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration will be held September 21 - 23, in Milwaukee and Chicago where a number of restaurants will be featuring Beaver Dam Peppers on the menu.  The winner of the Beaver Dam Pepper Championship (for the biggest BD Pepper) will be announced on September 22.  See for more information.


David from Beaver Dam asks:  What is your view on premarital divorce?

Answer:  Be prepared.


Hanna from Beaver Dam asks:  Which costume do you like the best?  I think you like the strawberry costume.  My mom Heidi thinks you like the cheerleader costume.

Answer:  My favorite costume was when I dressed up as the infamous Star Wars character, Darth Beaver.  I got a lot of respect.  For instance, my children almost obeyed me.  Plus, with that light saber I could chop down trees like nobody's business. 


Ed, researching about nice places to live, asks:  While researching nice places to live, I learned that Beaver Dam used to tout that it was the "Home of 14,000 Busy Beavers."  I hear that is not the slogan anymore and wish to inquire as to why?

Answer:  Jealousy.  Other inferior cities complained that the awesomely cool beaver slogan gave Beaver Dam an unfair advantage.  I personally hope and pray for the day when the Busy Beaver Slogan returns and brings back the magic. 

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