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Parting Thoughts: May/June 2014

May 21, 2014 03:34PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

By: Jim Dittmann

Well here we are:  - Volume 3 Issue 3

Wie geht es dir?

May brings Memorial Day with an appreciation for those with courage and my personal memories of being afraid.  I still remember JFK speaking to the nation during the Berlin Crisis. That stark B&W television broadcast is filled with the words “iron curtain” - “nuclear war” - “defending freedom” - “fall-out shelters” - “order to active duty certain reserve units” - “husbands and sons will be called away.”  We heard of the impending possibility of war.  The National Guard - Wisconsin 32nd Infantry (Red Arrow) Division was ordered to active duty.  To this eight-year-old that meant my dad would be going to war.  My family was lucky - the 32nd was sent to Fort Lewis, Washington.  They returned to Wisconsin without being deployed overseas… 

Veterans Park is the focus of the Historical Society this issue from Robert (Bob) Frankenstein who set about recording the history of local veterans and published two books filled with these pieces of history, with the profits donated to help build the local Veterans Center and Veterans Museum.

Nation of Patriots founder Bill Sherer describes his initiative, “So I decided to form the Nation of Patriots. I wanted to include as many proud Americans as possible to stand with me in a collective salute of appreciation to the U.S. military.” is proud to partner with the Nation of Patriots to provide updates for each stop on the 100 day tour.  

There are thousands in our community who are heroes.  Many families have sacrificed for our freedoms - we can never say “Thank You” often enough…

We are very happy to share some remarkable images from Carl Corey’s new book - For Love and Money.  Erik and I heard Carl being interviewed and thought the criteria fit closely with LocaLeben’s celebration of community.  So I looked up Carl, took a “long shot” and sent him a message.  Carl wrote back almost immediately - it was meant to be.  The images are portraits of our neighbors - hardworking real Wisconsin people - you may recognize them - Enjoy! 

Horicon Phoenix Program - formed from a discussion on what was possible for the town to bring to life!  Bring things to life they have – Jersey Street Music Festival - three days - FREE music.  A visit to Horicon June 20-22, perhaps daily visits, are certainly in order to enjoy international performers at the largest small-town music festival in the world right next door – You don’t want to miss this! 

We are very fortunate to have so many talented and willing contributors - many thanks to all.

Regular people doing incredible things – Live Life Local…

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