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Parting Thoughts: July/August 2014

Aug 08, 2014 10:27AM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

By: Jim Dittmann

Well here we are:  - Volume 3 Issue 4

Wie geht es dir?

My son Ben and I were "up north" back in May - stayin' at the "shack" - it was my dad’s most favorite place on the planet.  A modest dwelling nestled in the woods a few miles west of Park Falls just off the Tuscobia state trail.  In downtown Park Falls, there is a comfy little establishment called The Chequamegon Canoe Club.  Gregory Broome (yup - he has Beaver Dam relatives) runs the joint.  He makes a very fine pizza with a curiously sweet sauce and offers pairings from a rotating selection of very enjoyable craft beers.  A ten-foot mural depicting a wild northern river - two rugged explorers in their birch bark canoe and an ominous black bear - eyeball to eyeball with our heroes - fills the back wall.

The evening's entertainment was setting up in the corner and a friendly looking couple cozies up to the bar.  "Hi-ya Scott - having dinner tonight? I'll trade ya a pizza for a poem," Greg wagers.  A very short pause followed by a big bearded grin and Scott gravitates to the mic - gets in the zone and recites - from memory - a 400-word magical tale - "a mostly true story" of Northwoods lore.  This is how we came to meet The Muskie Poet...Here's a little sample to help get you ready for football - Cheers!


Baby Backs the Bears – A Mostly True Story 

By: Scott Schmidt


I'm a loyal Packer Backer,                              The rivalry just brings us close,                    

    But my Baby backs the Bears.                       And I'm grateful for that fact.

While I'm cheering for the Green and Gold,               

    Chicago's in her prayers.                           Curly Lambeau and Papa Bear,   

                                                                            Started this tradition,

When football season comes around,            Their legacy we carry on,

    The tension is immense,                                 In fierce competition.

Yet I'm certain we could get along,

    If my Baby had more sense.                      Yes, my Baby's proud of all her Bears.

                                                                            She glorifies George Halas,

But since she's a Bear Fanatic,                      But I can deal with that because,

    And the Packers are my Pride,                      At least she don't like Dallas.

Sunday afternoons are turmoil,

    When our favorite teams collide.                So here's to Curly and to George,

                                                                            Thanks for Ninety Reasons,

What's the reason for my Love you ask?      For me to Love my Baby,

    It's that opposites attract.                               For another Ninety Seasons.     


Summer 2014 is a new family benchmark.  Dave Bowman hit a chord in his column with Perry Como's Turn Around.  You see, Dave's little girl Karyssa and my Erik (editor) will be married July 26th.  My baby Emma and her best friend Justin were married May 17th.  So here’s to you kids, from one of my favorites:  "May God bless and keep you always, May your wishes all come true, May you always do for others, And let others do for you.  May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung, May you stay forever young." Bob Dylan 


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