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Patriot Tour Slideshow - Full Collection

Sep 30, 2014 08:55AM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

This summer we were given the opportunity to follow the Nation of Patriots Tour as it traveled the 48 contiguous states.  Photos from across the country arrived, and week by week as I posted these images, the emotions amplified - I felt I was meeting these folks first hand.  There isn’t space to mention everyone, but I met patriots from Ohio – Massachusetts – Virginia – Florida - Mississippi – Louisiana – Texas – New Mexico – Nevada - California – Montana – Wisconsin, to name a few.  What impresses me the most is this is grassroots - real people aligning with a cause they really give a “you know what” about.  It is more powerful than my words can describe.  I hope to see you all again sometime.  The slide show below is the full collection of images published during the tour - Enjoy...

LocaLeben is proud to be involved - this amazing organization helps so many in need!
Jim Dittmann - Publisher

Slideshow of Patriot Tour 2014

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