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In This Issue: March/April 2015

Mar 17, 2015 12:30PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

Cover photo by: Brian Wolf “Northern Lights - Gunflint Trail”

It’s March the 10th and the firewood is just about gone. Kathy keeps scavenging for more even though I would have left the stove go out days ago. “Great opportunity to clean up the woodpile,” she says. Got to admit it feels really good even at 50 degrees. 

Jim Rompre called me up a couple of months ago. He says, “Hey I got this book here about the Madison Cardinals Hockey Team, seems every page talks about Pinney Dittmann.” So I’m real curious - Pinney is my uncle and godfather. So I head down to Rompre’s store and we get to talkin’. The author of the Cardinals book - Mike Cowan (he’s written numerous books on Wisconsin Hockey) was Jim’s High School coach in Waupun. Then I get to thinking – Bob Rompre was a hell of a hockey player you know – so I ask about how to get in touch with Cowan. I call Mike and suggest the idea of doing a story about Bob & Pinney – “Sure!” Check out our feature story, I think you’ll really enjoy it. Special thanks to Romps and Pinney for sharing items from their scrapbooks and archives...and a very special thank you to Frank Mittelstadt for sending the pretty little bird photos in response to my last minute request for such! 

In this issue you will see some awesome contributions. Like every issue, the stories that you see are all brought to us by people in the community just like you. The type of story you would hear around the kitchen table with friends; personal and relatable. We would like to encourage all of you to share your seemingly unimportant stories with us. Trust me, your story is worth sharing - no matter the subject. 

We particularly are looking for all you sportsmen with your true stories (or somewhat true) of success out in the wilderness. We already have the name for the column; it will be Have Any Luck? Take a look at page 29 at Peter Frey Jr.'s "A Fish Story" for a good example. A familiar story about enjoying the simple pleasure of fishing with family. 

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the PWYW – it’s very helpful and we appreciate that so many enjoy the magazine – cheers!

All photos Phoenix PhotographyMichelle

Beaver Dam Launches Real Change with Earth Day Celebration

We welcome youth and adults to an interactive outdoor market on Saturday, April 25 from 10 am to 2 pm. Read More »

Feature Hockey Greats of Beaver Dam and Watertown - Mar 17 2015 0901AM

Feature: Hockey Greats of Beaver Dam and Watertown

Bob Rompre of Beaver Dam and Pinney Dittmann of Watertown were two of the premier hockey players in the state during the 1950s and 1960s. Read More »  

All Photos Courtesy Frank Mittelstadt

At The Birdbath

The birds don’t seem to notice us behind the screening, so we often get quite the feathery show. And as baseball mensch Yogi Berra said, “You can observe a lot by watching.” Read More » 

In Memory of Mark Doc SchweitzerBeloved Teacher to Many - Mar 17 2015 0957AM

In Memory of Mark “Doc” Schweitzer—Beloved Teacher to Many

In front of the Beaver Dam Middle School there is a new LED sign that pays tribute to Mark with the dedication, “In memory of Mark ‘Doc’ Schweitzer – beloved teacher to many.” Read More »  

Light It Up Blue on April 2nd for Autism - Mar 17 2015 1015AM

Light It Up Blue on April 2nd for Autism

Each April 2, Autism Speaks celebrates Light It Up Blue, along with the international autism community, in commemoration of the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day. Read More » 

Stump The Beaver MarchApril 2015 - Mar 17 2015 1021AM

Stump The Beaver: March/April 2015

When our Sun goes supernova, will I still have time to order and receive something from Amazon before the Earth is destroyed? Read More » 

Beaver Dam Community Library after it was constructed in 1984 The library opened to the public at the dedication April 14 1985 which was 100 years after the first library opened in Beaver Dam

The Library: 130 Years of Library Service in Beaver Dam and 30 years in the Spring Street Building

The vision of a free public library in Beaver Dam began with a group of devoted citizens on August 30, 1884, by forming a corporation under State Law as the Beaver Dam Public Library Asso... Read More » 

A Legacy of Love - Mar 17 2015 1108AM

A Legacy of Love

It all began when Don met Jan at the Cinderella Ballroom in Appleton in 1957. 

Read More »  

Makers - Learn Tinker Share - Mar 17 2015 1125AM

Makers - Learn, Tinker, Share

Makers love to learn. Makers take on a DIY project not just because there is a leaky faucet that needs fixing but because it is interesting, it is fun, and it is something new to add to ... Read More » 

This & That: Brain Trust

My interest in science has never waned, and it has passed on in one way or another to some of my kids. Read More »  

View From The Kitchen MarchApril 2015 - Mar 17 2015 1134AM

View From The Kitchen: 

March/April 2015

Memories and food: My favorite place on Earth is an island about 8 miles off the Yucatan Peninsula coast; a little place called Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) Read More » 

Peter Frey Sr with his Jumbo Perch

A Fish Story

As I see it, all good stories start the same way, and this one should be no exception. So there I was … Read More »  

Local artist Kelsey Curkeet read the manuscript twice before creating the cover design using a digital paintbrush The cover depicts the main character at the stone circle of Beltany in County Donegal Ireland

Inspired By Ireland

Researching novel takes a little luck and a lot of perserverance Read More »  

The George W ChandlerLamoreux house became Hillcrest Hall

A Dream Come True

Sarah Margaret Davison & Hillcrest School


March/April 2015

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