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In This Issue: May/June 2015

May 22, 2015 03:58PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

Well here we are:  - Volume 4 Issue 3

Wie geht es dir?

It happens to me every spring.  Just before the trees begin to green up I tell myself now “pay attention” this is the year you’ll see it happen.  I always want to catch the landscape just as it turns that beautiful chartreuse – you know when the grey magically disappears.  Well – I missed it again.  But the oaks always give me a little extra time.  I heard somewhere that when the oak leaves are the size of a squirrel’s ear – we should hunt for morels.  Are there morels around here and is the legend of the squirrel’s ear correct?  If so, it appears I’m a bit late for this as well.  But perhaps I can get ready for next year …

I had the pleasure of visiting the Paszek farm a few days ago when the babies were first let out to graze.  Christine and Dennis were very accommodating - escorting me into the pasture to capture a few photos.  Seems I made the herd a little squeamish - as they managed to break a section of fence - this required Dennis to implement a gather and rescue operation.  A few minutes later I managed to step on one of the barn cats – I apologized profusely …

Our cover for this issue comes with an interesting story.  Chatting with Jonas Zahn one day he tells us about this vast collection of vintage BD signage that Steve Hankes has in his “man cave” garage.  After a couple seconds – “that could be a cover!”

So the ball begins to roll - Steve is game - Julie goes to make some photos and we have a bunch of images to compile.  Knowing it is going to be an enormous task - we wonder  “who wants to do the assembly?”  We recruit Josh Devries to help - you may remember him from his viewfinder spread in issue 18 and he accepts!  We gathered a few more signs from the historical society - Josh breaks his computer and voila!  We hope you enjoy reminiscing with us.  Special thanks to Steve for sharing is collection - Josh for all the extra effort compiling – Julie and Jonas for the idea and images …

Thanks to our advertisers they make this little magazine possible – please support them …

To everyone who has contributed to the PWYW – we appreciate that so many enjoy the magazine – cheers!


One Flag The Sixth Annual Patriot Tour - May 21 2015 1051AM

One Flag: The Sixth Annual Patriot Tour

The Sixth Annual Patriot Tour is set to launch Saturday, May 23 from Harley Davidson of Madison; the Dodge County contingent will ride from Hogz & Honeez in Beaver Dam. Read More » 

Feature Green Lake Festival of Music and Thrasher Opera House - May 22 2015 1030AM

Feature: Green Lake Festival of Music and Thrasher Opera House

Since 1979 a small group of community leaders have been bringing first class entertainment to Green Lake. Read More »

A Journey Engineering Success - May 22 2015 1047AM

A Journey Engineering Success

The first educational “tutoring center” in Dodge County opened recently, but it was a long time coming. Read More » 

The Little Clockwork Girl - May 22 2015 1055AM

The Little Clockwork Girl

This story is written for all the children who look at the LocaLeben lying on the coffee table and wonder what’s in there. Here’s a bedtime story for you. Read More » 

This & That: Fading Heroes

So, here is a big salute and thank you to my Uncle Wayne and my Uncle Don, two of our finest heroes from the “Greatest Generation” that is slowly, one by one, fading away. Read More » 

The Watermark A Chronological History - May 22 2015 1232PM

The Watermark: A Chronological History

Although our community has traveled a long and sometimes contentious road to The Watermark - a home for Community Activities and Services – we are nearly there. Read More » 

Viewfinder Brian Wolf - May 22 2015 1244PM

Viewfinder: Brian Wolf

Many people don’t understand that a camera does not see things as our naked eye does. Once you learn how a camera sees and understand its functions, you are on the road to improving you... Read More » 

View From The Kitchen EAST CAROLINA BARBECUE SAUCE - May 22 2015 1247PM


Barbecue or BBQ has a lot of meanings and there are many different “styles” of BBQ depending on the state and in some cases which part of the state you live in. Read More » 

All photos provided by DCMA Members

Dodge County Musicians Association

Feeling a need to connect with other musicians to promote live music throughout the area, a few musicians and singers in our area began the Dodge County Musicians Association (DCMA) in Jan... Read More »   


How "Good Morning Babies Beef" Came To Be

Our story begins when Dennis, a dairy farmer from Juneau, Wisconsin, and his lovely wife Chris began to receive AARP cards in the mail. They thought; maybe we are going to start getting ... Read More » 

Feature Artist Polly Knoll - May 22 2015 0208PM

Feature Artist: Polly Knoll 

Her soul is Arabian yet she hails from Wisconsin. The sanctuary where she feels most at home is among the animals she loves. 


Stump The Beaver MayJune 2015 - May 22 2015 0227PM

Stump The Beaver: May/June 2015

Ellen from Fox Lake asks: Do you have any acting talent? Read More » 

The Social Luxury of Beer My Tale of the Hamms Beer Truck  - May 22 2015 0250PM

The Social Luxury of Beer: My Tale of the Hamm’s Beer Truck

It was love at first sight. I frantically started making phone calls to get a date to see this gem and soon set out for Waterville armed with a fist-full of cash. Read More »

World War II Eaglet - May 22 2015 0306PM

World War II Eaglet

The 1940s were tumultuous times in Beaver Dam. Recovery from the Depression was finally in sight, driven by the dreaded war preparation. Read More »   

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