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SCAG Weekly Update: Patriots Tour 2015 Week 5: 23 States - 40 Cities - 39 Days

Jul 03, 2015 08:57AM ● Published by Jim

Gallery: Wednesday 1 July [4 Images] Click any image to expand.

Wednesday 1 July:  Our flag has now touched 23 states - 40 cities - and traveled 39 days on its nationwide journey.  We are over one third of the way home!  Please view the map below and follow along as we provide weekly updates on our flags route and location.  In the gallery you will find images of the many patriots who volunteer their time and energy to this cause!  It is nearly impossible for us to name all of these people, but all you need do is look at their proud faces and you'll know each of them personally.  Regular people accomplishing extraordinary things ...

Our flag departed Beaver Dam, WI on 23 May and will return for Homecoming Ceremonies on September 5.  48 States - 100 Days

This past week our flag was honored and protected in (32) Swannanoa, NC - (33) Greenville, SC (34) Conyers, GA - (35) Irmo, SC (36) Charleston, SC - (37) Savannah, GA - (38) Brunswick, GA - (39) Jacksonville, FL - (40) Tallahassee, FL

Find additional coverage and information on how to become involved by visiting the Nation of Patriot website - touch the flag image below ...




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