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Downtown Beaver Dam Inc. signs lease for Downtown office

Sep 16, 2015 12:54PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

Outgoing president of Downtown Beaver Dam, Inc., Josiah Vilmin, and building owner of 138 Front Street, Paul Jancazk of Janczak Land Company, LLC., meet outside the new offices for DBDI in downtown Beaver Dam. The group just signed a two year lease for office space as they prepare for the 2017 Mural Festival with over 200 artists painting 12 to 15 murals in five days.

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By: Downtown Beaver Dam Inc - Beaver Dam, WI 

Downtown Beaver Dam Inc. (DBDI) Board of Directors announces the leasing of downtown office space as of September 11, 2015.  DBDI outgoing president Josiah Vilmin and building owner Paul Janczak of the Janczak Land Company, LLC, signed the 2-year lease agreement for space at 138 Front Street, the former Professional Building.  Until now, DBDI has had no permanent location but has met around the community at different businesses.  With the upcoming 2017 Mural Festival planned, the DBDI Board felt a tangible fixed location would be an asset in promoting the murals, distributing information about donating toward the festival, and illustrate a positive presence in a formerly vacant building.  

DBDI held a strategic planning in November of 2014 with many community leaders. One of the objectives identified out of that planning is finding a way to fill vacant buildings downtown with new businesses.  DBDI is leading by example and will be inviting the public to the offices once they are staffed by volunteers during designated hours yet determined. They also hope to set a date for an open house.   DBDI plans to offer membership information, a map of possible buildings where murals could be placed, mural themes, ways to sponsor murals or contribute to a 2016 Donor Wall Mural, and provide information on other downtown buildings for rent or for sale. 

Current Board Members for DBDI include President Erik Dittmann, LocaLeben Magazine, Vice President and Treasurer Jonas Zahn, Northwoods Casket,  Kay Appenfeldt representing Beaver Dam Community Activities and Services,  Josiah Vilmin,  Black Waters Coffee, Mark Molldrem representing the Liberia Task Force, Karla Jensen, Wayland Academy,  Ric Fiegel, McKinstry’s Home Furnishings, Ken Thomas, Daily Citizen, Dan Baulch, Beaver Dam Community Hospitals, Inc., Brenda Utzerath of Modern Dog, Julie Hogan, Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary, and Bev Beal Loeck, Church Health Services. Mayor Tom Kennedy also attends as liaison to the City of Beaver Dam. The DBDI Board of Directors meets the second Friday of each month from 8-9:30 am and guests from the community are always welcome. 

Downtown Beaver Dam Inc - Beaver Dam WI

Downtown Beaver Dam Inc - Beaver Dam, WI

Downtown Beaver Dam, Inc. is an organization focused on revitalizing downtown Beaver Dam. Your membership supports beautification efforts, events and activities, advertising, and business... Read More » 

For more information on DBDI, log onto, contact President Erik Dittmann at (920) 306-1198 or email him at

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