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In This Issue: September / October 2015

Sep 17, 2015 02:11PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

 Well here we are:  - Volume 4 Issue 5

Wie geht es dir?

Time marches on - it’s already September and I need to wash the windows and start thinking about some firewood. Does it only happen in Wisconsin or does summer fly by everywhere? Have I mentioned that September is one of my favorite times - this year especially as Kathy and I celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary - thanks dear - pretty cool hey? …

When I was a younger person I didn’t much like the "oompah-pah" of Polka music - I thought it was kinda’ corny - that’s changed now that I’m a little more grown up. I was lucky to meet a couple of very fascinating guys who have just completed a book called: Polka Heartland – Why the Midwest Loves to Polka. We are fortunate to be able to share a few images from their book - please take a few moments to enjoy the feature in this issue - some excellent photography …

How’d you do in science class?  Check out the great piece on Windy Drumlins and you’ll be certainly fascinated with the magic of aquaponics - the perfect balance of fish, bacteria and plants.  Fully sustainable - No chemicals - No weeds - No herbicides - wonderful food and no worries …

I always hear how much you enjoy the history stories we feature, so here are a few tidbits just for fun.  Fifty Years Ago, 1965:  Billboard Magazine’s list of the top hot 100 songs at #50 - “Go Now” by the Moody Blues, and did you know it was originally recorded by Bessie Banks?  The Grateful Dead played their first concert in 1965 and performed their last one in 2015 - “driving that train” for 50 years - time marches on.  “Mariner IV" sent back the first pictures of Mars, and Astronaut Ed White became the first American Spacewalker.  Alvin J. Beers was mayor of Beaver Dam - and that makes me think of something refreshing …

Advertisers are what make this little magazine possible - please support these folks - as they are busy trying to make a living just like the rest of us …

To those who have contributed the PWYW - we thank you and are so pleased that you enjoy the magazine …





About The Cover Gibbs Family Farm - Sep 16 2015 0124PM

About The Cover: Gibbs Family Farm

Knowing the why and how of a plant’s growth, how my decisions affect the life of a plant or animal, and seeing something through from the beginning to the end became a passion. Read More » 

Being A Good Person

This could be viewed as a simple story, a simple act of kindness from one to another in need. Read More » 

Windy Drumlins - Sep 16 2015 1021PM

Windy Drumlins

When the snow is thick on the ground this winter, there will be produce at Windy Drumlins that is just as fresh and nutritious as you can grow and pick in your own garden in July. Read More » 

All photos Courtesy JoAnn Gehrke-Wahlen pictured above

A Time In “The Pit” Is Hard To Forget

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” Wahlen said. “They said they’re doing a movie in town and they’d like me to do the hair. I was like a kid saying, ‘Shut up. Who is this really?’ Read More » 

Milwaukee Dinner Detectives Make 2nd Appearance in Beaver Dam at Wayland Academy - Sep 16 2015 1042PM

Milwaukee Dinner Detectives Make 2nd Appearance in Beaver Dam at Wayland Academy

The community is invited to attend as Downtown Beaver Dam Inc. (DBDI) welcomes back the Milwaukee Dinner Detectives as a part of the upcoming Mural Festival fundraising. Milwaukee Dinner... Read More » 

The Social Luxury of Beer SeptemberOctober 2015 - Sep 16 2015 1048PM

The Social Luxury of Beer: September/October 2015

Let me start out by saying I like beer. I like all kinds of beer. I especially like Wisconsin beers, but I had something happen 40 odd years ago that changed my life, and it changed my v... Read More » 

This & That: Oh I'm A Lumberjack and I'm Okay

As we wind through the days of summer, many of us have tasks and projects on our To-Do List. Read More » 

Photos Courtesy Bradley Sperger

Musician Spotlight: Bradley Sperger

From an early age I have had a passion for music; even in 4K my teachers frequently heard me singing tunes in the bathroom. Not the best venue but hey you gotta start somewhere. Read More » 

All Photos Courtesy Dick Blau

Polka Heartland

Polka Heartland captures the beat that pulses through the heart of Midwestern culture and offers up the fascinating story of how “oompah-pah” came to be the sound of middle America. Read More » 

Charting the course for a better Beaver Dam Lake - Sep 16 2015 1127PM

Charting the course for a better Beaver Dam Lake

While the plan details specific goals and action items, it is a living document that will be under constant review and adjustment depending on conditions of the lake, the availability of ... Read More » 

Artist Feature Earl Ritter - Sep 17 2015 1221PM

Artist Feature: Earl Ritter

A Life in Three Acts

Emerging Artist Elyse Rennhack - Sep 17 2015 0104PM

Emerging Artist: Elyse Rennhack

I got into drawing in fifth grade; there was no extraordinary story to it – just me wondering what I would be able to do with a simple pencil and paper. Read More »   

View From The Kitchen - Sep 17 2015 0137PM

View From The Kitchen

Let’s talk fish. And boil. Fish Boil! With fall so close, I can taste it (plus four days ago an old oak behind our house sprouted red and orange . . . optimist?). Read More »  


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