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Derek Strong

Sep 28, 2015 09:13AM ● Published by Gene Kirschbaum

Here's the Beav, sending his best wishes to Derek Morrissey as he embarks (Tuesday) on his first operation to combat epilepsy.  Our fingers are crossed for Derek!

Epilepsy is characterized by recurring seizures which are triggered by excessive cortical nerve cell activity in the brain.  Epilepsy is not contagious. Sometimes, elimination of seizures can result with the surgical removal of the part of the brain where the seizures start.

Many famous people are known or suspected of having had epilepsy, including Julius Ceasar, Alexander the Great, Socrates, Agatha Christie, Joan of Arc, Napolean Bonaparte, Vincent Van Gogh, Charles Dickens, and Thomas Edison.

Purple Day (annually on March 26th) has been dedicated to increasing awareness of epilepsy around the world.


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