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PTOs. . . Partnering Makes Our Schools Stronger

Nov 04, 2015 11:41AM ● Published by Jim

By:  Beaver Dam Unified School District - Beaver Dam, WI

PTOs. . . Partnering Makes Our Schools Stronger

Washington School PTO recently held their annual Bulldog Fun Run. What started as a school-fundraising project three years ago has grown into a community-building event for the students, staff, and parents. It all begins with students setting a goal for the number of laps they will run and seeking family and friends to promise the students pledges for completing the run. While the students set goals and pursue pledges, PTO members pair up with local businesses that provide financial support to carry out the event. Then the day of the run: a huge number of parents and family members come to help and watch as every student and every teacher participate in the run. “It’s like a big sporting event; everyone is so supportive and so proud to be a Bulldog,” declares Principal Laura Maron.

Why are events like these successful in our schools? It’s due to the tremendous support of our families and our community. Children thrive on the opportunity to do an activity like this alongside their teachers, and they love to have their parents participate at school as well. The partnership that PTOs have developed in our schools provides opportunities students otherwise may not have. Parent involvement is a key contributor to the success of our students. Researchers have been studying the effects that parent attitudes and actions have on their children’s academic success for many years, and they have consistently reported that children with parents involved in their education and schools earn better grades, score higher on tests, and much more.

We recognize the value of our PTOs and the opportunities they bring to our school communities. Jesse Peters, Prairie View Principal, states, “The PTO is a great way to bridge school-parent communication and relationships.” Christine Ziemann, Wilson and South Beaver Dam Elementary Schools Principal, agrees. Mrs. Ziemann proclaims, “The support and the funding that the PTO provides help to make our school family stronger. They are a very important part of our school, and we are grateful for them.” Thank you PTOs, and thank you parents for your commitment and involvement in your child’s education and our schools

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