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In This Issue: November/December 2015

Nov 17, 2015 12:42PM, Published by Jim, Categories: In Print, Today

 Well here we are:  - Volume 4 Issue 6

Wie geht es dir?

Wow - the next issue will be our 25th to begin our 5th year of the magazine.  Over 1300 articles published between the print magazine and the website. I would try to count all the words but that may take too much time.  

We are thrilled to be able to do what we do. The ability to give you a place to share your stories is really fun!  I am always amazed by what stories just happen to be submitted. 

This issue was one of those that just assembled itself.  I would be having coffee with a writer and serendipitously someone would walk in that they knew.  As we got to talking they would say, “Have I got a story for you!”  It is music to my ears. The stories in this issue all started with that familiar phrase.  Please don’t be shy - your story has a place in LocaLeben.

The story of The Camo Brotherhood happened by pure accident.  I was perusing online for some used camera equipment and found James selling a GoPro.  We arranged to meet and in his email I noticed his signature, Co-Owner The Camo Brotherhood.  I made sure to ask him about it when we met and sure enough we ended up having coffee for an hour and a half.  By the end he was our featured photography story and I had a new camera.

There are a lot of stories that will pull at your heartstrings in this issue.  From Brett Rechek sharing his dad Jerry’s journey of entrepreneurship to the tradition the Senior Center Woodshop has of making Toy Cars for kids every Christmas. How can you not be proud of this community?  In particular – make sure to check out the story of Cookie on page 10 - almost 50 years as Mayville’s Santa. There are almost no words to describe how cool it is – so I had to put him on our cover.

Stories are everywhere. The people who you pass in the grocery store or coffee shop all have something to be proud of.   

Advertisers are what make this little magazine possible - please support these folks - as they are busy trying to make a living just like the rest of us …

To those who have contributed to PWYW - we thank you and are so pleased that you enjoy the magazine …


Cover photo courtesy of the Mayville Historical Society

Featuring “Cookie” (Melvin) Collien

A perfect setting with softly falling snow, Santa walked up and down Main Street.

Edgar G. Mueller, Photographer, Mayville, Wisconsin



Feature The Passion Of An Entrepreneur For Business And Life  - Nov 17 2015 1007AM

Feature: The Passion Of An Entrepreneur For Business, And Life!

Dad’s philosophy was very simple, “Treat people like you want to be treated.” In everyday life and in business! Everyone is created equally and should be treated the same. Read More »  

An intimate conversation between Randy and Linda Tarr and Santa Photo By Edgar G Mueller


For the past 47 years, kids of all ages in the Mayville area know just one man as Santa. His is the face held up against all other faces of Santa. Read More » 

The Social Luxury of Beer NovemberDecember 2015 - Nov 17 2015 1025AM

The Social Luxury of Beer: November/December 2015

Thankfully, the holidays bring with them an old-fashioned sense of tradition that lets us unplug. Read More » 

Lines From Upstream A Mighty Buck - Nov 17 2015 1030AM

Lines From Upstream: A Mighty Buck

Sneaking slowly through the trees, A Mighty Buck The Hunter sees. A snapping stick, The Buck’s awake, a safety click, he makes a break. Read More » 

Toy Cars The Senior Center Woodshop Over The Years - Nov 17 2015 1041AM

Toy Cars: The Senior Center Woodshop Over The Years

Christmas cars have been handed out since 2002 as a gift from the Senior Center to children along the parade route. Each car puts a smile on a child’s face at Christmas. Read More » 

Stump The Beaver NovemberDecember 2015 - Nov 17 2015 1051AM

Stump The Beaver: November/December 2015

Mitzi from Beaver Dam writes: Dear Stump, a few months back you mentioned the Beaver Wars. Were those the same as the French and Indian Wars? Read More » 

The Camo Brotherhood - Nov 17 2015 1057AM

The Camo Brotherhood

Family, United By The Outdoors

Festival Of Trees A History - Nov 17 2015 1107AM

Festival Of Trees: A History

We are so excited about this year! Every year has been better than the one before. Our donations are spectacular! Read More » 

This & That: Time Capsule

We are in the midst of a noteworthy anniversary, the likes of which has never been seen! Well, not really, but it is a fun anniversary nonetheless. Read More » 

The Cool Man Who Left Amazing Footprints In The Sand - Nov 17 2015 1138AM

The Cool Man Who Left Amazing Footprints In The Sand

Something special was happening during the 1920s to the 1950s. A fellow named Charlie Starkweather might be seen around town carrying a funny looking square box with a hand crank on it. Read More » 

View From The Kitchen NovemberDecember 2015 - Nov 17 2015 1142AM

View From The Kitchen: November/December 2015

Christmas is almost here, which means you are planning your Christmas festivities, shopping for gifts or looking forward to Christmas Break. Read More » 

Christmas in Cusco 365 - Nov 17 2015 1149AM

Christmas in Cusco 365

“Because I am a child and do not have power, you do not give me a second look.” Read More » 

Feature Artist Elwood Lee - Nov 17 2015 1159AM

Feature Artist: Elwood Lee

Elwood still owns his grandfather's Silvertone acoustic guitar – the same one that set his life on a course filled with music. Read More »  

November/December 2015

November December 2015

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  • Area High School Art Exhibit

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    In celebration of Youth Art Month, the Beaver Dam Area Arts Association hosts its annual Area Hig...

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