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Church Health Services Management Change

Feb 07, 2017 02:47PM ● Published by Bev Beal Loeck

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Dear Friends,

As I leave CHS to begin a new adventure in my life, I have had time to reflect what the past 5 ½ years as Executive Director has meant to me. It has been an incredible journey, one with many challenges, yet a wonderful adventure full of profound blessing. I have a deep love and passion for CHS; I will miss being a part of the day to day operations and work.

I want to first thank the CHS Board of Directors. I have had the privilege of working with a dedicated group of individuals that trusted me, gave me guidance and support, and were willing to take a leap of faith with me. Their support allowed me to take risks and grow as a leader. I could not ask for more. A special thanks to Rich Zieman and John Sutter who always had my back.

To the staff of CHS, you have my undying gratitude and respect. You were all willing to follow me into unknown territory, support me even when you did not agree, and help me make CHS what it is today. You all have such wonderful gifts, so much compassion and dedication to the mission of CHS. It has been my honor to work with you all. I will miss the music, the laughter, the coffee, and the family you have all become to me.

To those who volunteer at CHS, giving your time and talents in a variety of ways; to those who financially support CHS; and to those of you in the community who have supported me with friendship and collaboration I am deeply grateful. Without all of you, all of what CHS does would be impossible.

A final special thanks to Mike and Lois Augustson.  You founded an incredible organization and built a rock solid foundation. I am proud to have been a part of it for this short time and grateful to you both for your friendship, support and trust in me.

I am delighted that Thea O’Connor has been chosen as the Executive Director of CHS. She will lead CHS with strength, compassion, and wisdom on its next great adventure. I pray for her, wanting only the best as she works to continue the mission of CHS. I know with all certainty that God’s hand and blessing is on CHS. Always has been, always will be!!

Blessings to you all,

Susan Osteen

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