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June 4: International Hug Your Cat Day

Jun 04, 2017 11:30AM ● Published by Gene Kirschbaum

Here's the Beav, celebrating Hug Your Cat Day.  And here below is a video clip of a slightly unhinged Gator Cat, doing what cats do best:  the unexpected.

When we were stationed at RAF Mildenhall, we took our 7-yr old child, Roan, to London, to see the Cats Musical.  During the intermission, he provided me with an Easter Bunny/Santa Claus moment when he ever so seriously and quietly told me, "Dad, those are not real cats."

So, the Cats Musical provided me with one of my most pleasant memories.

In addition, Memory, from Cats, might be Webber's most beautiful song.  Here below is Elaine Paige, doing what she does best . . .

Gator Cat

Memory, from Cats


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