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CHS Primary Health Care Clinics Format to Change

Nov 20, 2017 01:40PM ● Published by Bev Beal Loeck

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In 24 years of providing medical care to the low income in our community, Church Health Services (CHS) has done their best to meet the needs of each individual that comes through our doors in the most caring and respectful way.  As time goes by the health needs of our patients have become more complex and need a level of care beyond what we can consistently provide.  

To meet these more complex patient needs, we are changing the format of our medical clinics to an urgent care, walk-in format that still requires the patient to financially qualify.  These clinics will be staffed by current volunteer doctors and nurses.  

Our local area health clinics provide great care for the low income and we are transitioning all current patients to BDCH Clinics, Dean Health Clinics or UW Health clinics for their ongoing care or specialized needs.

The dates of our Medical Walk in Clinics are listed below;

*  Tuesday, November 1-6pm-8pm
*  Thursday, December 14-8am-10am
*  Wednesday, January 3-11am-1pm
*  Tuesday, January 16-5pm-7pm                                                                                        
*  Thursday, January 25-8am-10am

If a patient needs ongoing care, they will be referred to a local area clinic of their choice.  

We will continue to give the same great care to those who walk through our doors moving forward—just in a new way! 

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