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Beaver Dam's Favorite Dad

There is one individual, a self-professed “lazy” person, who was a football, baseball and basketball star for our high school; played in the prestigious American Legion Band; and went on to appear in over 85 Hollywood movies, who will always hold a special place in our history: Fred MacMurray.

No One Forgets Their First

Thirteen years ago I sat down with the Beaver Dam Area Orchestra to play Rhapsody in Blue. It was sort of the culmination of my “high school years.”

The Wandering Man: On the bus and not under it

Success or failure may be none of your business, but your hometown where you were born, where you began to grow up (not everyone does), occupies a point on the map of your heart.

Reader Thoughts: Bittersweet Transition

Step back and realize just how many of my memories will be forever cast against the backdrop of this quaint, friendly, "hometown" city.

Parting Thoughts: May/June 2012

Pause to consider the tremendous benefits from keeping our money in our community.

Parting Thoughts: March/April 2012

It's Patrick Zeman's humble opinion that nothing can make you feel the way your hometown can.