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Beaver Dam's Favorite Dad

Nov 13, 2013 ● By Erik Dittmann

There is one individual, a self-professed “lazy” person, who was a football, baseball and basketball star for our high school; played in the prestigious American Legion Band; and went on to appear in over 85 Hollywood movies, who will always hold a special place in our history: Fred MacMurray.

No One Forgets Their First

Nov 13, 2013 ● By Erik Dittmann

Thirteen years ago I sat down with the Beaver Dam Area Orchestra to play Rhapsody in Blue. It was sort of the culmination of my “high school years.”

The Wandering Man: On the bus and not under it

Sep 12, 2013 ● By Emma Dittmann

Success or failure may be none of your business, but your hometown where you were born, where you began to grow up (not everyone does), occupies a point on the map of your heart.

Reader Thoughts: Bittersweet Transition

Jan 14, 2013 ● By Emma Dittmann

Step back and realize just how many of my memories will be forever cast against the backdrop of this quaint, friendly, "hometown" city.

Parting Thoughts: May/June 2012

May 14, 2012 ● By Karyssa Bowman

Pause to consider the tremendous benefits from keeping our money in our community.

Parting Thoughts: March/April 2012

Mar 12, 2012 ● By Emma Dittmann

It's Patrick Zeman's humble opinion that nothing can make you feel the way your hometown can.