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Tax Implications for your Business from Obamacare


Tax Implications for your Business from Obamacare

Theran Welsh is a CPA and a Principal with SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C. in Madison, where he leads the Construction Services group.

Mr. Welsh will provide an overview of the tax implications of the now mandated Obamacare legislation that is scheduled to take effect incrementally this month and over the next couple of years.

How will your business survive or thrive under the new regulations of the healthcare law? What can you do to minimize your exposure and your future tax liability? Theran Welsh will provide some recommendations and will take your questions at this informative Breakfast Network.

Mr. Welsh has 30 years of experience advising Wisconsin CEO’s, including recommendations on how to reduce tax liability, set business strategy, identify areas of tax exposure and search for specific opportunities for tax savings for his clients. All these efforts have resulted in substantial profit improvements for SVA customers.

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