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Super Noggin

Do you know that Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented for most people and delayed in those who are genetically predisposed? Many Americans reaching 65 today have an average life expectancy of another 20 years! That’s great news, right? The bad news is that cognitive decline begins as early as 24 and Alzheimer’s may begin more than 30 years before the first signs of the disease are noticeable. Alarmed? If so, are you willing to try the anti-Alzheimer’s prescription or at least learn whether or not a brain fitness program is for you? Brain fitness is the general state of feeling alert, in control and productive, and having the mental abilities required to function in society, in our occupations and in our communities. It is not limited to just memory and it isn’t related to intelligence or IQ. Throughout life the brain can grow new brain cells or neurons through a process known as neurogenesis and that the brain can adapt and change in response to learning and to new experiences – neuroplasticity. While some cognitive functions slow down with age, others improve. Creativity and the perception of happiness may improve and Executive Functions usually do. Executive Functions are cognitive skills like impulse control, analyzing, delaying gratification, judgment, planning ahead and anticipating consequences – all those qualities that we call ‘wisdom’. A complimentary workshop will be held on Monday August 11th at the Senior Center/Recreation building, 114 East Third Street at 5 p.m. Learn all the details about the brain fitness program “Super Noggin” in the 10 Steps to Brain Fitness! Take the Alzheimer’s Risk Profile and test your real brain age. Further development of your individual plan will be a breeze during the Super Noggin workshops which will begin on Sept. 8th. The informational session is a sample of the workshops and there will be refreshments and beverages served. Reservations are not required, but appreciated. Call BDCAS at 920-887-4639 for more information.
Date & Time
  • August 11, 2014
  • 5:00PM
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