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Lunar New Year Lion Dance Demonstration

  • February 22, 2016
  • 06:30PM
  • FREE
  • 920-296-9995


Come celebrate the Lunar New Year with Lion Dance Demonstration.

Traditionally, during the Chinese New Year, a Lion Dance Troupe will visit restaurants, households, business and shops throughout the community to perform the traditional custom of "Cai Qing" literally meaning "Plucking the Greens". This is a quest by the lion to grab the auspicious greens (normally lettuce) which the Chinese call Cai (pronounced Tsai) which means fortune. Auspicious fruits like oranges (happiness, blessings or good luck) and/or tangerines (money) are tied to a Hongbao (red envelope) containing a donation from the establishment. The lettuce and hongbao are either hung up or just pu on a table in front or inside of the premises. The lion will dance approaching the "green"s and "red envelopes" like a curious cat. It will then "eat the greens" and "spit" it out (once it's transformed into fortune), bringing fortune and good luck to all present.

The lion dance is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the businesses and household,s spectators can feed the lions with donations in a red packet (hongbao) or simply placing cash in the lions mouth.

Beaver Dam, Horicon, Mayville, Hustisford, Waupun, Randolph, Columbus, Fox Lake, Reeseville, Burnett, Markesan, Fall River, Cambria, Brandon, Hartford, Watertown