Viewfinder: Katie DeBoer

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Katie DeBoer was born and raised in Randolph on a family farm.   She is the youngest of three and has five nieces and nephews.  She loves coffee, summer, spending time outside with family and friends, campfires, sports and spoiling her nieces and nephews!

Dear to her heart is the statement  “Love what you do, do what you love.”   She loves making memories from behind her camera…memories made when doing family pictures and everything else in between:  tiny little newborns just days after they are born, high school seniors as they are getting ready to enter into the real world and wedding couples as they begin their new life together.  Every session has a different focus and she loves going to work everyday as the owner of Kdeboerphotography!  Her studio is located at 107 Stark Street in her hometown of Randolph, Wisconsin.                                                                                                       

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