Beauty from a Bike – Last days of Summer

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As summer winds down activities begin to pick up at the Horicon Marsh. Waterfowl begin to congregate in anticipation of their migration to a warmer climate. You might refer to them as the original “snowbirds”! This is a great time to hike one of the many trails, or take a bike ride on the 3 mile auto tour on the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge. The auto tour is located east of Waupun on Highway 49 on the northwest corner of the refuge. Waterfowl that may be present include egrets, herons, a variety of ducks, geese, swans, cranes, and potentially whooping cranes.

Fall is a great time for cycling. Given that, I wonder how this column will shift gears so to speak, when my bike is placed on that storage rack for the last time this year. Don’t worry, I will definitely be creative and post images for your viewing. Enjoy!

(Image of granddaughters Keira and Corah enjoying “cousin time” on the refuge boardwalk)

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