SCAG Weekly Update: Patriot Tour 2015 Week 9: 34 States – 67 Cities – 68 Days

by Jim Dittmann
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Nation of Patriots ride on Vandenberg

Nation of Patriots motorcycle riders made a stop at Vandenberg as they continue their nationwide tour in support of the American Armed Forces.

Posted by 30th Space Wing (Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.) on Friday, July 25, 2014

Patriot Tour visits Vandenberg Air Force Base

Thursday 30 July:  Our flag has now touched 34 states – 67 cities – and traveled 68 days on its nationwide journey.

This past week we enjoyed traveling the California coast!  With a very special stop at Vandenberg Air Force base – please see video below.  32 more days and our journey will be complete.  Special thanks to all who help along the way …

Check out the map below and follow along as we provide weekly updates on our flags route and location. Touch anywhere on the map to visit the Nation of Patriots Facebook page …

In the gallery you will find an abundance of excellent images from this past week.  It is nearly impossible for us to name all of the people in these photos BUT – all you need do is look at their proud faces and you’ll know each of them personally.  Regular people accomplishing extraordinary things …

This past week our flag was honored and protected in (61) San Diego, CA – (62) Riverside, CA – (63) Irvine, CA – (64) Moorpark, CA – (65)  Santa Maria, CA – (66) Salinas, CA – (67) San Francisco, CA …




Saturday, September 5

9:00 a.m – Riders gather at Hogz & Honeez Bar & Grill W7771 Highway 33 East • Beaver Dam

9:30 a.m. – Kickstands up for ride to Madison

11 a.m. – Flag transfer ceremony Harley-Davidson of Madison 6200 Millpond Rd. • Madison

NOON – Kickstands up for ride to Beaver Dam

1 p.m. – Enter Beaver Dam from 151 south for parade through downtown

2 p.m. – Closing ceremony @ Hogz & Honeez Bar & Grill W7771 Highway 33 East • Beaver Dam

3-5 p.m. – Homecoming celebration Music, food, friends.



Whose sole purpose is to provide financial support to the families of wounded men and women who have volunteered their lives in the preservation, protection and future of the United States and its citizens.

 Please join us on the 5th – Everyone is Welcome !!

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