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A lively musical review with songs, scenes, and stories from David Peterson and Peter Cocuzza, based on the book, “Town Hall Tonight!,” by Harlowe Hoyt.  Directed by Annette Kamps

November 10, 11, 13, 18, 19 & 20

Tickets are $10, $12 & $14

Tickets are available at by clicking the link below, visiting WWW.BDACT.ORG, or stopping by the service counter at Rechek’s Food Pride.  920-887-7675

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional support from the Dodge County Historical Society.


ACT One in BDACT’s musical/comedy revue, “Town Hall Tonight!” about Beaver Dam’s own entertainment center in the 1890’s — — is a huge cast of all ages, some who are playing double parts in the many vignettes of song and scenes. They include: Roger Noll (Harlowe Hoyt); Luke Smith (Stage Mgr. & Brother Joe); Jackson Uttech (Boy Harlowe); Barb Vockroth (Grandmother Babcock);

Wes Reshel, Grandfather Babcock; Carla Woebbeking (Aunt Sue/ Hutchinson Family/ Mrs. Mountchessington)…; Bonnie Franke (Show Assistant Director & “Mrs. Lawrence”); Lakeisha Herringa (pianist, “Mother”); Amy Patterson (Belle/ Trouper/ Hutchinson Family); Emmet Lerwick (Willie Frey); Josh Elkins (Uncle Bee who plays the flute/ Young Coxshall/ Son Henderson); Natalie Franke, Linnea lerwick, Cecilia Zahn, Mylana Lunde, Lily Bauernfiend, Jade Topper, Aubrey Lehman (Bevy of Young Girls); Laine Franke, Quinn Franke, Emilee Smerecki, Lindsay Bates (Ducks & Lullaby Kids); Dorothy Ebert (Society Lady/ Hutchinsons); Mercy Cook (Society Lady/ Hutchinsons/ Mrs. Surrat); Marilyn VanHaren (Society Lady/ Hutchinsons); Lily Bauernfiend (Lord Fauntleroy); Elena Lerwick (“Mary” & “Little Allie”); Noah Kikkert, Carter Beaudry (Young Boys/ Hutchinsons); David Hoffmaster (Hi Henry & Band); Mike Wissell (Lawyer Marks/ Hutchinsons/ Trouper); Ryan Falkinham (Mule/ Prisoner); Nathan Falkinham (Mule); Ron Wilke (Wm. Coxshall); Harv Woebbeking (Asa/ Hutchinsons/ Colonel Rath); Mark Simon (Lord Chumley/ Private Shoupe/ Trouper/Quartet); Lowell Peck (Trouper/ Soldier/ Hutchinson/ Quartet); Dennis Levenhagen (Trouper/ Soldier/ Hutchinsons/ Quartet); Will Kaufmann (Prisoner); David Saniter (Drummer/ Major Henderson); Rich Zeman, Cheryl Zeman, Kyle Henrickson, David Johnson, Russ Diggins (Band).

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