Register to Ring – Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

by Jim Dittmann
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The Beaver Dam Noon Kiwanis Club invites you to participate in the 2019 Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign. It only takes a few hours of your time and is a great way to give to your community! A few ringing instructions are found below. Thank you in advance for your interest in and support of the Red Kettle campaign, as you’ve already made a world of difference to our needy neighbors.

Register for a shift on the Salvation Army National Volunteer site here: Registering includes providing a username, password, email and cell# (which may be used to send a reminder, with your permission). If the day and store you’ve chosen doesn’t have a shift available, it is probable that an organization, business, or congregation has already agreed to take that location for the day.

Continued blessings to you this Christmas Season, and in the New Year!


● Bell ringing equipment will be at the site when you arrive. If you are scheduled for the first shift of the day, please go to the store’s service desk. Store personnel will show you where the bell, kettle and instructions are located. PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally the ringer before you had to leave early or was otherwise unable to ring. If you arrive and there is no one ringing, kindly check in at the store’s Service Desk to get the kettle, stand, and related equipment.

● Ringers for the ​first shift of the day​ should retrieve the kettle and stand at the Service Desk; ringers for the ​last shift of the day​ should return the kettle and stand to the Service Desk.

● Ringing at Piggly Wiggly, Fleet Farm, Rechek’s and Walgreens occurs in the entryway; at Walmart ringers stand outside in the shack near the east entrance, or simply outside at the west entrance. If you are ringing outdoors (Walmart), dress warmly and consider recruiting a shift partner so you can rotate periodically to stay warm. Please ensure that you don’t block customer traffic.

● Ring only as people approach, not continuously, as some store employees find continuous ringing unappealing. ​Don’t ask for money; and please say thank you when someone donates.

● Money collected will be picked up at various times of the day. Collector(s) from Kiwanis will have identification available to assure proper collection. ​Don’t leave the kettle unattended!

● Volunteers under the age of 17 years must be accompanied by an adult. Volunteers may be individuals or small groups (2-3 people). Christmas caroling is encouraged, but please let us know so we may clear it with the store manager beforehand. All retailers prohibit pets.

● Appropriate attire is requested since you are representing your organization and the Salvation Army. Reds, greens, and Santa Hats are appropriate; ​full Santa uniforms are not​. Corporate or organizational logos on clothing are fine.

● If asked about the Salvation Army and what it does, you may respond that it is an international, Christian organization that primarily focuses on assisting persons or families that need emergency food or shelter. It also operates camps and programs to fight drug and alcohol addiction. About 90% of the money raised in Dodge County helps people who live in Dodge County.

● Thank you for ringing !!!

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