The Seippel Center for Music & Arts

by Jim Dittmann
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The Seippel Center for Music and the Arts will be closed for the remainder of 2020 due to COVID 19. Please continue to visit our website for up to date information on our reopening in 2021.

Thank you and stay well!

The Seippel Center for Music and the Arts

Music lessons, art, community events and more!

The Seippel Center for Music and the Arts leases music studio space in the North Spring Street Homestead in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Lessons, fees and schedules are coordinated directly with the music instructors. Lessons are typically 30 minutes in length and are scheduled weekly. Lessons are open to beginners through advanced students of all ages.

For information on taking music lessons, visit our web site at and click on the “Lessons” tab. For information on how to become a teacher at the Seippel Center please contact music director Richard Zeman at: or 920-210-6779. 

The Seippel Center is also available for private parties, meetings and events. Please contact Chelsey Seippel for more information at

From the Executive Director:

   Greetings from The Seippel Center for Music and the Arts!

Fall is a time of transitions. From foliage and weather, to back to school and extracurricular activities, it is a time of change. This year’s transitions have been unprecedented with numerous adjustments to account for making the world as we now know it that much more tricky to navigate. Nevertheless, I like to believe that it will only lead to something better in the future as the transitions and complexities do in music.

In music, transitions are passages that link sections of music together serving to introduce new musical material and themes. They bring a new genre, new tunes and keys, and evoke different emotions that in the end all piece together and lead to a retransition and a grand culminating conclusion of the piece. I have confidence that life, like music, will do that. Have faith, stay safe and know that we look forward to being able to open our doors and enjoy music and art together again soon.

  Chelsey Seippel, Ed.D.

  Executive Director

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