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Why Now is The Time

Oct 25, 2016 10:43AM ● Published by Jim

Beaver Dam Unified School District

Referendum - November 8 2016.

The referendum reads: 
Shall the Beaver Dam Unified School District, Dodge County, Wisconsin be authorized to issue pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $48,900,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of a school building and improvement program consisting of: additions, remodeling, renovations and site improvements at the High School campus; safety and security improvements at District school buildings; and acquisition of furnishings, fixtures and equipment? 

A video interview with School Superintendent Mr. Steven Vessey appeared in the September / October edition of LocaLeben Magazine.  You can view the entire article here:

You can also view the entire video below.  Mr. Vessey asks that we become informed.

Referendum BDUSD 2016

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