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Dodge County Musicians Association

May 22, 2015 12:52PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

All photos provided by: DCMA Members

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By: Phyllis Becker

Feeling a need to connect with other musicians to promote live music throughout the area, a few musicians and singers in our area began the Dodge County Musicians Association (DCMA) in January 2015.  Their goal is to network with area musicians not only in Dodge County but also in the surrounding areas.  The organization's website, meetings and festivals will promote musicians as they provide support to each other whenever possible.  Musicians can give back to the community by helping children learn more about the different styles of music in the world and going out into the community to provide music to the elderly, special events, community events and fundraisers for projects that are voted on.  An instrument loan program is also being developed to help loan instruments to children/teenagers who want to learn how to play. 

DCMA is open to all musicians, singers, amateurs, professionals, writers, luminous and sound engineers, music teachers and anyone that loves music.  We welcome all styles of music:  chamber music, classical, rock, polka, blues, rap, country, jazz; we have musicians and singers in the organization that do everything from Praise Music to Heavy Metal.  The wide range of musicians and music styles is evident in the bands and musicians that have been involved in the DCMA since it began:  Starkweather Bay Band, Rock Collector, Bill Hill, Ron Graewin, Al Kohl “Willie Nelson Tribute - Willie's Shadow,” Music Master Karaoke, Gypsy Entertainment Karaoke, Toadioke Karaoke, 35 South, Elwood Lee and Under The Gun, Tom Rueter, and Die Spiel Meisters.  DCMA will host seminars and “how to” events to learn about publishing songs, sound system set-up, guitar camp, drums and congas, singing, and varied aspects of music.  

DCMA promotes live shows, entertainment and open jams that are going on almost every week in and around Dodge County.  A list can be found on our Facebook page.  The website, when up and running, will include links for members to announce their gigs and upcoming events.  A small yearly fee will defray the cost of the website, festival events and other activities throughout the year that DCMA will be hosting.

Networking is a big part of DCMA, providing the opportunity for musicians, singers, DJ/KJ to meet each other and help each other when there is a need.  Through networking, for example, if a band is in need of a drummer because theirs is ill, they can see the list of available drummers that are members of the organization and see if they are available for that gig and then contact them.  This avoids a band having to cancel a paying gig because they have one member ill.

On August 30, in partnership with the Beaver Dam Exchange Club, DCMA will be co-hosting The American Hero Festival at Swan City Park.  We are looking for young talented artists that would like to perform at this event.  This is a yearly event to honor all American Heroes and enjoy a fun day of music.  The music will be a mix of country, blues, rock and many other styles.  An announcement with more information is forthcoming.   If you are interested in performing with your band, call 920-382-9222.

DCMA is growing; at each meeting we see more people interested in what we are doing.  Monthly meetings are every third Monday at the Beaver Dam Community Library starting at 6:30 p.m. sharp.  The next meeting is June 15, and the July meeting is scheduled for July 20.     

For more information you can reach DCMA by email at:  

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