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Emerging Artist: Elyse Rennhack

Sep 17, 2015 01:04PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

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By: Elyse Rennhack

How I came to be me:  I got into drawing in fifth grade; there was no extraordinary story to it – just me wondering what I would be able to do with a simple pencil and paper.  The first thing I remember is a really bad drawing that I did of an eye.  I was so proud of myself.  I also remember that I picked an eye to draw because I had remembered reading they were the window to the soul.  I loved that.  I loved looking into people’s eyes and making up a life for them in my head by the emotions I saw in their eyes.  It stuck.  I still draw them a lot but I slowly started moving away from it and started drawing other things.  My style changed from cartoonish to more realistic, and this is why I love drawing, because you can always improve.  There was also no great beginning as to why I started taking pictures.  Just me realizing nothing stays beautiful, everything goes from gold to gray.  I like capturing the gold.  Yet most photos aren't as beautiful as they are in person, because in the moment you created a memory.  Everyone sees the same picture differently, which is why I take so many photos.  The more you take you can save the memories, even if it wasn't yours.  And that is how I started and why I love it. 

elyse rennhack 

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