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Easter Beaver

Mar 27, 2016 03:06PM ● Published by Gene Kirschbaum

Here's the Easter Beaver, checking in on Sunday morning with another load of Easter Eggs.

And here's the Easter Quiz:

1.  Why do we call it "Easter"?
2.  What's with the rabbit?
3.  What's with the rabbit laying eggs?
4.  Are we going hear an Easter song at the end of this quiz?


1.  The word "Easter" probably comes from the pagan goddess of spring:  Eastre or Eostre.  The Saxons held an Eastre celebration around the spring equinox to honor her. 
2.  Eostre's symbol was the rabbit.
3.  There are a number of explanations for the eggs.  One is that eggs were forbidden food during the fast of Lent, so people celebrated the end of Lent by eating eggs on Easter.  Another explanation is that eggs are an ancient symbol of new life, and thus consumed during the Eastre spring festivals.
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