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Squeezebox Jamboree

Apr 11, 2016 11:33AM ● Published by Jim

Squeezebox Jamboree - 38th Iteration

Sunday May 1 2016 - NOON til 5:30PM

Great Music in a Great Location

5100 BAR - (formerly Park Ponderosa) 5100 Erling Avenue
McFarland, Wi 53558

Come to play, dance or just enjoy the music.
The tradition started with Rudy Burkolter @ the Challet St Moritz and has survived @ various locations over the years.  There will be performers from throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.  
Concertinas and Accordians will Forish.
There is no advance sign-up.  Performances will be ‘booked’ as they appear. 
We will have a dance floor if you are so inclined.
For more information contact:
Duane  (608) 257 3133
The setting is ‘café style’ and refreshments are available all day.


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