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In This Issue: March / April 2012

Mar 12, 2012 04:05PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

From The Editor

I hope as you glance at Issue 02 it will live up to your every expectation and beyond. The feedback we have received from Issue 01 has been overwhelmingly positive. I am beyond words for how encouraging it is to see the level of excitement among the community. I am privileged to meet more people everyday who want to share their talents and passion in LocaLeben. One in particular is Gladys Soter. She called me immediately after the first issue went out. She offered to let us print this poem that she wrote many years ago - it has never been published. I am delighted to have the honor of sharing it in this issue. It speaks perfectly to the change of season and the strong start of LocaLeben - better than I ever could.

The Fullness of Time By G.E. Soter

While standing cold, strong, and bold, Against cruel winters glare -
The empty nests, abandoned homes Cling to their branches bare. -

How long this shameful state endure? When will new leaves adorn?
When spring brings rain new leaves to lure, And chides cruel winters scorn!

Then tinkling’s of a spring thaw creek Brings hope of life anew. -
Then soon green blades will push through ice Where summers flowers grew.

Then! Elm and Oak and Maple All gloriously endowed, Will once again be envied While standing strong and proud! 

In This Issue

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I think it is common to wonder how someone who is incarcerated can be lax; isn't time all they have? Read more 

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