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Parting Thoughts: July/August 2012

Jul 09, 2012 02:56PM ● Published by Karyssa Bowman

By: Jim Dittmann

Well here we are:  Parting thoughts Volume 1 Issue 4

I got to thinking earlier about our magazine and had a parting thought concerning paper

Humans have been making paper for thousands of years – the Chinese, credited with the invention, made the first sheets from macerated vegetable fibers in 105 AD.

Lately paper seems to be getting a bad wrap – no pun intended.  But with all of the recent chatter about environmental sensitivity - paper holds up pretty well.  Paper is biodegradable, renewable and a highly sustainable product made from TREES - an endlessly renewable resource.  Growing and harvesting trees provides good jobs for millions of people.  Working forests are good for the environment - providing clean air, wildlife habitat and carbon storage.  In the United States we plant more trees than we harvest – over 2.5 billion each year – mostly planted by the forest community.

According to the Wisconsin Paper council – Wisconsin's paper industry creates approximately 5.3 million tons of paper annually, employs nearly 53,000 people and is the number one paper producer in the United States.  The industry does pretty well on energy management as well – producing its energy onsite from biomass and heat recovery while supplying surplus to the grid.  You could say the paper industry was green before it was cool!

Paper has been around for 2,000 years and for good reason.  It’s versatile and effective with practical appeal that is unmatched.  You might say we like paper because we print a magazine – well that might be the truth, but it also makes sense – it works.  It looks good and has special haptic features that people appreciate.  Haptic perception involves both the tactile perceptions through our skin and the perception of the position and movement of our joints and muscles.  Paper provides a tactilely rich immersive experience when paging through a book or magazine – it’s alive.

It’s good for people to make things – and supporting the paper industry is good for the Wisconsin economy.  It’s also good for the local economy – LocaLeben is printed at J.B. Kenehan right here in Beaver Dam – distributed by the United States Postal Service – supported by our advertisers – and enjoyed by you.  Chances are you know someone who helps this Magazine become reality.  My thanks to all…

I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of really nice people these past few weeks while attending the car club at Tower Lanes, as well as the auto show at Swan Park on Father’s Day.  I poured over many really cool cars and talked to the owners, who by the way are the friendliest guys you’d ever want to meet!  Some of the cars are featured this issue.  Check out the Viewfinders spread – Enjoy...

By the way – the next time you’re comfy in your favorite reading place – notice that dutiful little roll – sustainable – renewable – biodegradable.  Paper – there’s no app for that…

Be aware and the next time you receive an e-mail that says, “Please consider the environment before printing.” – Go ahead and print it – It’s OK.

Cheers !    
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