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In This Issue: September / October 2013

Sep 14, 2013 10:47AM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

"Obfuscate" by: Caleb Weisnicht

“Now More than a Magazine, a Community Hub”

LocaLeben is taking the trademark charm of the town we love and giving it a home online, for a ‘Main Street’ experience with the connectedness and convenience of the 21st century.

There’s nothing better than the feeling we get from the place we call home. The familiar faces and places of our community are the foundations of treasured memories: the market you visit for Sunday night supper’s last minute ingredients, the park where your youngster first learned to throw that famous curve ball, the coffee shop where you always run into a friend.

Now we’re adding fresh ways to interact with the great local stories that color our community. Stay connected and go behind the scenes with us to get to know this town even better. Comment on articles, enter and vote in contests, and help create a showcase of what makes us special.

Our Event Calendar makes it easy to discover and share local happenings and fun activities so you’ll never miss a town hall meeting or weekend concert again. You can even list your upcoming event for free to spread the word about an upcoming garage sale or neighborhood block party.

Using our handy Directory you can find and share tips on where to experience the best of what our community has to offer. It’s easy and free for businesses, non-profits and community organizations to be included in Directory, and you’ll be getting so much more than a simple listing.

Best of all, you’ll be able to share anything from this local treasure trove with friends and neighbors easily through email, Facebook, Twitter and more – plus, Google loves us. With so many good people and great stories to celebrate, check back with us often for the latest from around town. We’re bringing the community together online and helping businesses join the conversation. Welcome home, we’re so glad you’re here. 

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Thumb_squirrel Feature Artist: Jan Richardson
Jan’s art is not about her; it is about inspiring others with ideas that never end. Read more



Thumb_screen-shot-2013-09-12-at-103236-pm The Calling: The World Orphan Fund
Called to improve the lives of orphans, the World Orphan Fund Read more



Thumb_line-up The Dreamer: AxMAX Tremolo
Dedication, perseverance and the desire to make a difference. Read more



Thumb_screen-shot-2013-09-12-at-111040-pm Passionate People Promenading
Come Do-si-do with the Swingin’ Beavers Square Dance Club. Read more



Thumb_screen-shot-2013-09-12-at-101851-pm Feature: The Wiederganger
A Fictional Tale of Old Beaver Dam and restless spirits on our lakeshore. Read more



Thumb_shopko Legend & Lore: Little Things
Spencer Hupf sat down to reminisce with Robert “Bob” Keller Read more



Thumb_frog628 Viewfinder: Ken Freriks
Ken Freriks shares some of his favorite images from near, not far Read more



Thumb_babies-black Man of Many Talents
Exhibit honoring John Beule at the museum through November 9 Read more



Thumb_darth-beaver-redStump the Beaver: September/October 2013 
From the Beaver Archives. 


Thumb_happy-girl-3 Dodge County Parenting Project
Many parents realize that they have a problem, but they do not know how to get from their current point A to their desired point B. DCPP can help them get to where they want to be. Read more

For My Children: Chapter 4

Now that I have told you a little of the history, I would like to tell you about my life. Perhaps it would be better if I were to call them memoirs of my life. Read more

This & That: "I Shall Return..." - General Douglas McArthur
There is nothing more inspiring or enthralling in our American psyche than “The Comeback.” Read more

The Wandering Man: On the bus and not under it
Success or failure may be none of your business, but your hometown where you were born, where you began to grow up (not everyone does), occupies a point on the map of your heart. Read more

Squint to See
When you clear away all the clutter surrounding a situation – all the excess information, emotions and complications – you see the important part clearly. Read more 

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