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Parting Thoughts: Jan/Feb 2014

Jan 14, 2014 01:50PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

By: Jim Dittmann

Well here we are:  - Volume 3 Issue 1

Wie geht es dir?

Remember me saying that I felt myself getting a bit more sentimental these days - does it happen due to age or through the ages - Is that a silly question?  My head fills with images: snow stuck to wool coats - wet mittens - playing “king on the hill” in the school yard - a grade school crush…  Then growing up and getting a Sentinel route - up in the mornin’ at 4 a.m. - deliver those papers - some days it was so damn cold - my bike tires would be flat.  I rigged special chains for that JC Higgins for when it got real slippery - but chains don’t matter if - “the tires is flat.”  Next came a Journal route - some Sundays when the papers were extra big - my dad would take me in his 65 Bel Air.  All 75 of those 480-page “Latest Editions” would fit in the back seat.  He wouldn’t admit it but I think he liked doing the route - sometimes he would deliver the riverside of Labaree Street while I’d take the hill - it was warm.  My dad’s birthday is on Christmas Eve - he would’ve been 85 this year - I miss him.

While working on the Fox Lake Fisheree story, I took the opportunity to call an old friend - Bob Fisher.  He and his wife Ellen have lived on Chief Kuno Trail for quite some time.  I was looking for old photos of the hundreds of ice shanties that would have populated the lake “back in the day.”  Bob laughed when we spoke saying - “yeah; grumpy old men!”   I met the Fisher’s in 79 when I first moved to Beaver Dam - their kids were little - we would go fishin’ on Fox Lake - back of Bob’s house and always did well.  Bob was the fisherman - but oh; Ellen could clean ‘em quicker than they could be caught!

Ann Buchda let me photograph a tip-up that her grandfather Ed Kleindl engineered and built - it’s quite the machine - I may have even figured out how to operate it.  There’s a nice image of it on - take a close look, it’s pretty sweet.  Ann also shared some “home movies” of the old Fisherees - and yes that’s her in the cute little pink snowsuit - thanks for sharing :-)

I recall Paulsen’s resort with that big Round Oak wood stove.  A burger - bowl of chili - throw in a beer or two - that’s ice fishin’…

Be sure and spend some time with the ViewFinder section in this issue.  We are very grateful to Mark & John for allowing us to share their magnificent images of “up north” and the Apostle Islands lighthouses.  You might ask how is this local - well - It’s our backyard - we’re just one of billions of “local” specs inside the Milky Way.  Enjoy… 

Special thanks to Terrill Knaack for making available White on White - Snowy Owl for our Anniversary cover!


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