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Brewin’ USA helps fund Brewery History Mural in Beaver Dam

Dec 15, 2016 09:32AM ● Published by Jim

Adam Rehberg @ Board Game Convention

By: Karla Jensen

Beaver Dam native Adam Rehberg, son of Jeff and Sue Rehberg, has launched a new board game called Brewin’ USA: The Board Game for the Craft Beer Enthusiast. His game is now helping fund the Brewery History mural, one of 13 murals set to be painted from June 28-July 2, 2017 during the Walldogs Mural Festival, sponsored by Downtown Beaver Dam Inc. Rehberg was a 2014 finalist in a game competition. His Brewin’ USA received feedback from industry experts and was play tested with many gamer groups around the Twin Cities metro.

Brewin' USA is a thematic euro game where players control a start-up brewery at the inception of the craft beer revolution. Players will need to collect key ingredients, launch a product line of "liquid gold" craft beer, and strategically compete for regional control across the nation.

A game round consists of three phases. Ingredient Auction, Launching Beers, and Resolving any Brewfests. During the Auction Phase, players compete for the ingredient cards needed to launch their beer via a turn-based bidding system. Any bids entered are then converted into craft beer market demand that is dispersed at the discretion of the dealer making each play through unique and delivering many interesting decisions. During the Launching Beers phase, players must satisfy the ingredient recipe of a beer and then strategically choose what location to claim or start a Brewfest.  In the brewfest phase, players are competing for control of a city location. If any player controls the majority of city locations at the end of the game, then they are awarded a region bonus.

Brewin' USA aims to deliver a quick strategic euro experience paired with a very approachable theme and thrives on its player interaction. The game play revolves around beer coaster like tiles delivering new twists on fun mechanics and new to industry components include 100+ beer bottle caps that ramp up the thematic experience. The player interaction comes from the brewfest event in the game spiraling as more players grow their craft beer product lines and fight to secure their turf.

Unique Aspects:

• Bottle Caps and Beer Coasters are used as components

• Artwork partnerships with National Breweries

• Innovative game mechanics to simulate market demand for Craft Beer

Number of Players: 2-5

Play Time: 60 min

Recommended Ages: 21+

Brewin’ USA website:

Currently, the only location where the game may be purchased is at The Seippel Arts Center, 1605 N. Spring Street in Beaver Dam.

A limited quantity has been offered to help fund the Brewery mural set to be painted downtown near Stooges at 112 N. Spring Street with 100% of proceeds staying locally.

For more information, call (920) 885-3635 or log onto

Stooges is also currently selling Ziegler Beer t-shirts to raise funds for the Brewery History mural.

Learn more about Brewin' USA in Issue 23 of LocaLeben Magazine here:

Learn more about Stooges in Issue 30 of LocaLeben Magazine here:


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