Special Communication from Mr. Steve Vessey

by Jim Dittmann
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The purpose of this communication is to update you regarding the events related to Friday’s school closings. Below is the information we know at this time.

?  A high school associate principal received several emails at 1:30 a.m. on Friday, May 5, that threatened the safety of students in the school district and suggested that the intent to do harm was directed at the high school.

?  Two students who attend Beaver Dam High School have been interviewed by the Beaver Dam Police Department and are the focus of the investigation.

?  Law enforcement authorities are in contact with a third juvenile-aged person involved who is currently in Las Vegas, Nevada and has no intent or means to travel to Wisconsin. The individual is cooperating with law enforcement authorities. Any threat from this series of events has been eliminated.

?  All school events and activities planned for Saturday and Sunday will run as scheduled. There will be an increased police presence at all events and activities scheduled in our school district this weekend as a precautionary measure.

?  We will run a regularly scheduled school day on Monday, May 8. There will be a police presence in and around our schools on Monday as a precautionary measure.

Students who make specific threats to the safety of our schools, students, staff or families will be referred to the Beaver Dam Unified School District Board of Education for expulsion from the Beaver Dam Unified School District. Please talk with your children about the severity of these types of actions.

Information will be updated on the school district website and social media sites throughout the weekend if new information arises. Thank you for your support, help and care for our students and schools. If you have questions, please contact me at 920.885.7300, ext. 1111.

Thank you.

Steve Vessey

Superintendent of Schools 

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