Bridges of Dodge County Receives Community Grant

by Jim Dittmann
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The Beaver Dam Wal-Mart Awards $1500 Grant to – Bridges Of Dodge County

Adam G. Zastrow, Wal-Mart Store Manager: “The Beaver Dam Walmart is proud of the work of many individuals and programs in the area that help those in need. We are a member OF the community and not just a business IN the community. As an extension of our sense of responsibility to the communities we serve, we are happy to provide financial grants through the Local Community Grant Program with the Walmart Foundation. This program empowers our Beaver Dam location to support and encourage good work through grant contributions to very worthy causes. Bridges of Dodge County operating a sober living house (Joe’s House) in Beaver Dam is certainly a worthy cause. We are confident that the $1500 grant will be put to good use to help those who need it.”

“The board was generous enough to give us part of their morning on Friday and speak to our associates about Bridges of Dodge County and the work they are doing.”

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