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Holiday Bell Hunt

Dec 09, 2013 02:28PM ● Published by Erik Dittmann

By: Kay Appenfeldt

A new Holiday Event for  downtown Beaver Dam was introduced at the After Party of the Holiday Parade on Saturday evening, December 7.  The Parade Committee of Downtown Beaver Dam Inc. has placed bells in each of the downtown businesses participating in the Downtown Decorating Contest.  One of those bells is the chosen one for the "Bell Hunt."  The community of Beaver Dam will be given 5 clues to lead them to this chosen bell.  The person finding the bell needs to describe the bell and needs to tell where the bell is located (what business).  Put that information on a piece of paper including your name, address, and phone number and mail your entry to Downtown Beaver Dam Inc., 213 Front Street, Beaver Dam, WI  53916. The earliest postmark with the winning answers will be the winner  (multiple entries with the same postmark and winning answers--the winner will be selected by random drawing).  That winner will win $100 donated by Mayor Tom Kennedy.  The contest runs from December 7 to December 20.  Clues will be issued on December 7, December 9, December 11, December 13, and December 16 in the Daily Citizen and on Bill and John's radio program on WBEV.  The winner will be announced on that same show on December 23. 

Also participate in judging the Downtown Businesses in the Decorating Contest.  Judging forms are at Beaver Dam Antique Mall, McKinstry's, and the Chamber.  One of the judging entry forms will be drawn and that person will win $50 cash.  That winning business and winning person on the judging form will also be announced on December 23 on Bill and John's radio show on WBEV.  The Decorating Contest runs from December 7 through December 20.

The First Clue:

To begin your short search,

for sweet ringing treasure,

a few facts you'll need

of the where and the measure.

Five brief clues will be shared,

to a prize winner imburse,

with a sweet hundred dollars

from Mayor Tom's wallet (purse).

The Second Clue:

Let's start at the fountain

Mr. Williams' donation

and head to the west

past windows' sensation

On Front Street and Spring Street

there's bells on both sides

among books, fibers, clothing,

for babies and brides.

The Third Clue:

Antiques, food and printing,

haircuts, cell phones, beer,

for Christmas or any day, 

you’ll find it all here.

Lawyers and bankers, 

you’ll find plenty of all.

Sports, services, vacuums,

coffee, cakes large and small.

The Fourth Clue:

Flowers, diamonds and gold,

water park plans and more.

Furniture, bikes and insurance,

just step into each door.

Many windows have bells, 

but they’re not all the winner

The biggest, the smallest?

The angel, the sinner?

The Fifth Clue:

Not glass or ceramic, 

the clanger you seek

a bright pink-hued metal

with nary a streak

Not much more than in inch, 

this prize winning creature

with paint and with glass

find this coppery feature.

Today, Community downtown holiday bell hunt

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