Parting Thoughts: January/February 2013

by Jim Dittmann
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By: Jim Dittmann

Well here we are…

One year and a thousand fleeting thoughts later, we begin our second year.

The real Leben stories our readers enjoy come from the hearts of our neighbors – our friends and all the wonderful people we have met along the way – truly amazing people we might not have met if it were not for our little magazine – my special thanks to all of you! 

I was invited to coffee a couple weeks before Christmas and introduced to a darling woman named Lena.  Now into her 90s – born in Yugoslavia just after the First World War, she grew up through depression and a second world war.  Winters of her youth she would hike railroad tracks in hopes of finding a few spilled pieces of coal to warm their home – she labored in camps and went eyeball to eyeball with death squads.  Lena fills the kitchen with energy – discipline – grace and a marvelous sense of humor.  As tears well – she asks if it’s all right to weep when recalling her late husband – after 75 years of marriage – I suggest it is ok…  Lena has made available her complete memoirs – look for installments in upcoming issues.  Thanks Lena – and the coffee cake (original family recipe), some of the best I have ever known!

Many of you have asked about LocaLeben and its business model.  It is pretty straightforward and no big secret – Local advertisers foot the bill.  I’ll bet you know many of these business owners by their first name – they bring you quality goods and services everyday.  If you enjoy the unique content found only in LocaLeben – thank our advertisers – tell them you saw their ad – do business with them.  They will stay in town – and you will be better off because of it – Locally owned business is good for our economy.

Our little town, its history – people – all the important events – past and present – defines who we are.  LocaLeben is dedicated to sharing your accomplishments – we enjoy compiling these pages and look forward to learning a whole lot more along the way… 

Remember the “Welcome” sign mentioned in our first issue and what a good new years resolution it would be to “turn on the Welcome sign” – I noticed some of the same twigs still hanging on it 🙁  Sometimes resolutions don’t always stick on the first attempt.  That may be why there is always a New Year – perhaps in 2013 we will – “Light ‘er up.”

There’s a few shacks on the lake – and I asked about the fishin’ – lot of walleye but still under limit.  I wonder how well those caught and released really fare?  Big one’s up on Fox Lake they say.  But please – no matter where you go – be careful – ice always scares me and especially with this years’ snow – it could be very inconsistent.  Stay safe – not a statistic – life is precious and way too short… 

Cheers –  

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